Brand Messaging Bootcamp

Elevate your corporate story with a Brand Messaging Bootcamp from EVANCED.NET, the perfect team for implementing StoryBrand’s proven framework and taking your brand messaging to the next level!

Level-Up Your Brand Messaging

Transform How Customers See Your Company

Elevate Your Business Above The Competition

You’ve got a great company, but you’re not sure how to articulate what makes it special.

It can be tough to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. And even if you do manage to get your potential customers’ attention, you still have to persuade them that your product is the best option. EVANCED.NET can help. We are experts at implementing StoryBrand’s proven framework for creating effective branding and messaging. Our team will work with you to identify your unique selling proposition and craft a message that resonates with your target audience.

Level-Up Your Brand Messaging with Our Bootcamp

Imagine telling the perfect story on your website, but nobody sees it. Or getting website traffic from Google, but nobody buys what your selling. We’ve combined the StoryBrand Messaging Framework and Keyword Optimization to make sure your marketing message works before you invest in a new website.

Brand Messaging Framework

branding and messaging for digital marketing

Level-Up The Brand Messaging On Your Website

Unleash your brand potential and make an impact with the EVANCED.NET Branding & Messaging Bootcamp!

Transform How Customers See Your Business

Transform the way your customers look at your business! As you create a new brand message, make sure it’s all about providing solutions to their problems – not just talking about yourself.

Elevate Your Business Above the Competition

Customers are tired of seeing the same stale messages everywhere. Put your business above the fray by speaking with a unique and compelling voice.


Unlock the Power of StoryBrand with Our Experts

Gain the ultimate advantage with StoryBrand! Our experienced professionals are here to make sure your business shines brighter than ever.

Meet Your Bootcamp Guides

Grant Carmichael

Certified Google Partner


Matt Davis

Certified StoryBrand Guide


Getting Help With Your Marketing Is Easy

Seriously. No strings attached. Let’s get to know each other.

Step 1

Let’s have a quick conversation to discover if we’re the right-fit marketing team for you.

Step 2

If we’re a match made in heaven, you’ll be provided with a proposal to review.

Step 3

You’ll have an experienced marketing team working for you, so that you can focus more on the work you love.

Get The Brand Messaging Bootcamp from EVANCED

Our approach ensures that your messaging speaks directly to prospects, converting more of those interested parties into customers. With our help, you’ll be able to get better results out of your online efforts with less effort on your part. Get started now and see what EVANCED.NET can do for you!

  • Two Branding & Messaging Guides

Google & StoryBrand Certified Guides will guide your team through the StoryBrand Framework.

  • Three 90 Minute Discovery Sessions

Your team will receive three 90 minute discovery sessions with the Branding & Messaging guides.

  • StoryBrand Framework

Know that your website content will connect with customers and generate more sales for your business.

  • Website Wireframes Built For You

After the primer questions your team won’t have to write any content. Our Guides will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Clients we’ve worked with

These are just a few of the happy clients that have worked with EVANCED.NET of branding & messaging.

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What Do Our Customers Say?

EVANCED Information SystemsExcellentEVANCED Information Systems5.0 Based on 18 reviews fromAli Rumler-GomezAli Rumler-Gomez ★★★★★ We absolutely LOVE working with eVanced! They are experts in SEO and delivery exactly what they promise. The support team is fast, super responsive and always fantastic collaborators. Five-Stars all the way!John CortaleJohn Cortale ★★★★★ Grant and his team are responsive and attentive. They are an experienced extension of our team - collaborative and knowledgeable. We're grateful for their efforts in helping communicate our vision of service to the world!Grace FarajaGrace Faraja ★★★★★ eVanced Information Systems has been very helpful. African Girls Hope Foundation have experienced great changes and growth through eVanced services. eVanced team are well skilled and will always recommend them to all friends.Tim GoodwinTim Goodwin ★★★★★ If you are looking for leadership, relationship, and creativity when it comes to obtaining online leads through SEO, SEM, pay-per-click, ad words or keywords, considering this great team is a must!Bobby ParksBobby Parks ★★★★★ Leaders not followersI started using Evanced services in 2011 and give them credit for making a major impact on my former business Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC which I sold in 2014. From a marketing and website standpoint they not only dramatically increased my web presence but provided a simple but much better and more cost effective marketing strategy. Their approach to websites and social media outperformed my previous website and blended marketing approach which I was investing significant dollars. My brand recognition in my market and the lead production grew quickly to a point I was able to discontinue previous efforts reducing my overall marketing expense to a fraction of the cost....and at the same time increasing quality lead generation. Evanced is a leader not a follower when it comes to website and social media development. I highly recommend them to any business thats strives to grow or be more profitable. Bobby ParksPresidentBP Consulting and Design LLCTara BruceTara Bruce ★★★★★ eVanced has done an incredible job creating Goodwin Investment Advisory's website and online marketing including SEO...Grant, Katie and Zoran are extremely talented at what they do, plus they are personable and truly care about us. As the creative brand manager at Goodwin Investment Advisory I am thrilled with the work they have done to help us generate leads, and build a customer following.Reid TregoReid Trego ★★★★★ eVanced is very thorough and creative. They are fun to work with!Anthony HarrisAnthony Harris ★★★★★ Grant and his team have been excellent to work with. They are the first company that I have used that have actually gotten me real results with my SEO and internet marketing. I highly recommend them and will be using them for many years to come.Justin PitcockJustin Pitcock ★★★★★ Grant and his team are on point. Grant serves our company as Fractional CMO. We've had a significant increase in the number of "right fit" potential customers reaching out to us since eVanced has been supporting our business.Andrew O'NeillAndrew O'Neill ★★★★★ For several years we have relied on Grant and his team for SEO, website migration and development, as well as site maintenance. They always go above and beyond the call, on time, professionally. Great company!Tara BruceTara Bruce ★★★★★ eVanced has done an incredible job creating Goodwin Investment Advisory's website and online marketing including SEO...Grant, Katie and Zoran are extremely talented at what they do, plus they are personable and truly care about us. As the creative brand manager at Goodwin Investment Advisory I am thrilled with the work they have done to help us generate leads, and build a customer following. They are not only so knowledgeable, but also quick at turnaround and providing opportunities for our website to get more traction. They also help us with better usability throughout the website for our current clients as well as story branding our content for potential clients. Seriously love working with your team!trevor halltrevor hall ★★★★★ I hired Evanced to build a web site for my Business, They worked very hard to build the best website inside my budget. I’ve had three other websites built in the past, the fit and finish over all thought and detail they put into this site is hands down by far superior to any I’ve experienced in the past. Now I’ve hired them to start my SEO campaign. Very happy with the decision to hire Evanced.Trevor HallGeorgian Heating and Air.Jeff WaldronJeff Waldron ★★★★★ Great company. They took over the website for my deck and porch business a couple years ago and and it is a vast improvement over what I had before in both content and lead generation. Grant and Katie have been great. Highly recommend.Alexa BrannenAlexa Brannen ★★★★★ Evanced is great group to work with if you want to grow your business. You can tell they care about the work. We have noticed such a difference once they started managing our SEO, ads, website design, etc. They offer solutions to our problems with fast responses, quick turnaround times, quality targeted leads, thorough research and outside the box thinking. What more could you ask for? If you need any help related to SEO, website traffic, google ads or similar, these are your people.Alan SmithAlan Smith ★★★★★ I don't have to use Grant's services very often, but when I do, he is very prompt and get's my issue resolved quickly and professionally. I would recommend his services to anyone.js_loader

Nailing down your brand messaging is critical.

StoryBrand & Messaging Bootcamp FAQ

StoryBrand is one of the most popular Brand Messaging frameworks and was developed by Donald Miller.  The framework makes the customer the hero and positions your company as the guide with a plan.

Why use it?

#1 Its just awesome, and works.

#2 Its going to add clarity to your brand messaging for you and your customers

#3 Not everyone is doing it.  After the bootcamp, you’ll wonder how you got it wrong for so long, and realize that most of your competitors continue to confuse the customers.

Our company is not StoryBrand Certified, but Matt Davis, our StoryBrand guide is certified.  In fact, he leads some of the sessions for StoryBrand.
The cost of the Branding & Messaging bootcamp varies, but typically it starts at just under $5,000.
Let’s just say they come across as expensive.  They’ll all charge different prices, but due to their strong network, they’ll keep prices somewhat in line with each other.

BUT, and a really BIG BUT, every single client that goes through the bootcamp loves it – and their customers love it.

When you have a crystal clear brand message that resonates with customers, generates more leads, you should have a ROI that makes it a no-brainer.

So here’s the deal.  EVANCED’s background is in tech and growth hacking.  We knew we need to join forces with some of the best copywriters in the business – and we did.

What we discovered is that SEO gurus can create pages to pursue better search rankings, but the copy (the words) aren’t great from a sales perspective.

At the same time, the StoryBrand Guides would take a high ranking page, rewrite the content and destroy SEO!  So we simply combined the two in our bootcamp to get the best of both worlds – and it works.

We have questionnaires for you to complete.  From there we have several 90 minute meetings with a Google Certified Partner and Certified StoryBrand Guide.  From these meetings we’ll build wireframes, which are the words that will go on your website.  Finally, we review the wireframes with you and dial in the copy to the voice of the brand.

We do StoryBrand for Financial Advisors most of the time.  Other industries include the building industry, electricians, HVAC, building supply stores.  We’ve even worked in the Vacation Rental industry.