Hi there,

This is Grant, founder and CEO of EVANCED.

If you’re reading this, we probably have a lot in common. We’re business owners who, at some point, decided to follow our passion by taking the less-traveled path of running a small business. It’s an exciting journey, albeit filled with both challenges and triumphs.

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In 2020, while working a corporate job at one of the Big 4, serving as a lead Cyber Defense Architect and Cloud Security Consultant to some Fortune 50 companies, I realized something was missing. Despite the prestige, my heart was elsewhere.

You see, my journey began around 1999 to 2000 when I started developing websites for fun. That hobby evolved into crafting sites for clients and, eventually, diving into lead generation and SEO. It was a passion that grew from a side hustle into a full-blown career. In fact, I went through three rounds of downsizing my client list over two decades because the demand became overwhelming.

Making the leap to join my team at EVANCED full time in 2020 was no small feat. It meant leaving the security of a corporate job, which involved many discussions with my wife, parents, and friends, and leaning significantly on my faith.

Why am I sharing this? Because I understand where you’re coming from. Your business is more than a livelihood; it’s personal. Your family, your employees, your future—it all hinges on you pushing forward, sometimes juggling multiple roles within your business.

So, wether or not you choose to work with EVANCED, I’m here to help.

In marketing, there are three critical things you simply can’t afford to get wrong:

1 – The words you use to describe your business.

2 – Your website, your digital storefront.

3 – The methods you employ to drive quality traffic to your site.

Imagine owning a lemonade stand. You have the best-tasting lemonade, a well-decorated stand, but it’s located in your backyard, hidden from potential customers. Alternatively, your stand might be easily visible but less appealing or inviting, causing customers to pass by without stopping. Either way, you’re trying to sell lemonade and it’s not working.

These scenarios mirror the mistakes companies make with their digital marketing:

1 – They focus solely on talking about themselves on their websites.

2 – Their sites are unattractive or cumbersome to navigate.

3 – They lack the necessary traffic to their sites due to poor visibility strategies.

Here’s a more relatable analogy: Going on a date with someone who only talks about themselves. Not very appealing, right? The same principle applies to your website. Often, businesses hire web developers for design, then fill in the content themselves, emphasizing their achievements without addressing customer needs. This approach misses the mark, leaving potential customers confused or uninterested.

Your website should clearly articulate what you’re offering, how it benefits the customer, and how they can make a purchase or engage your services. As Donald Miller, the author of StoryBrand, says, “If you confuse, you lose.”

To avoid this:

1 – Position your customer as the hero. Show understanding of their challenges, present yourself as the guide with a solution, call them to action, and paint a picture of what success looks like for them.

Consider Sandals Resort. Their website doesn’t just show pictures of the rooms; it showcases experiences, transporting visitors into scenes of relaxation and fun. That’s the power of narrative transportation, and it’s what you should aim for with your website’s content and imagery.

2 – If your website is slow, outdated, or not user-friendly, customers will move on to your competitors. Ensure your site is appealing, fast, and responsive across all devices, including mobile phones. Remember, a significant portion of your traffic is mobile. Try navigating your site on your phone to test the user experience.

3 – Even the best website can’t convert if nobody sees it. Start with setting up Business Profiles on Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Claim these accounts, fill them out comprehensively, and keep them updated. Then, focus on SEO, making sure your site contains the terms people are actively searching for.

Be cautious with Google Ads; incorrect settings can deplete your budget fast, akin to throwing money out the window.

If all this seems overwhelming, that’s normal. But remember, success hinges on three main pillars:

1 – Communicating effectively about your business.

2 – Having a professional, user-friendly website.

3 – Directing quality traffic to your website.

It’s crucial to nail these elements. You can’t afford to mess this up.

Regarding digital marketing companies like EVANCED, we face our own challenges. Initially, I enjoyed certain aspects of digital marketing, like graphics, website building, or copywriting, but I quickly learned I couldn’t excel at everything. As demand grew, so did the pressure, leading to compromised quality and delayed timelines.

The solution was hiring a team that excelled where I didn’t. The new challenge was deciding between scaling to serve a vast number of clients or remaining a boutique firm, focusing on a limited clientele for quality control. We chose the latter, prioritizing client success over rapid expansion.

After all, I’m not sure how these companies with hundreds of clients keep track each and every customer without the customer feeling as if they’ve been hung out to dry.

This is my promise to you. If we’re a fit and you hire us, it will be win-win. You’ll get the expertise and team to support your business. If you’re not happy with us, you can fire us at any time. Our job is to earn and keep your business.

If you’re ready to discuss how we can help you succeed, set up a no-strings-attached intro call with me using this link.

If you’re still undecided, that’s okay. I’ve created a free, concise, yet insightful digital marketing course for business owners. While it doesn’t cover everything, it’s packed with valuable insights derived from two decades of experience.

I hope it serves you well. You don’t want to mess these things up.

All the best,