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Having a successful business starts with having a great team. We’re here to help your team market your business online so that you can focus on building an even better business! The EVANCED team brings a rich and diverse set of experiences and expertise to help your company outperform your competitors online.

Grant CarMichael

Grant Carmichael

Founder & CEO

Grant is the CEO and Founder of EVANCED. He lays the foundation for his clients’ success by applying his experience, expertise, and passion for excellence to every account.

Katie CarMichael

Katie Carmichael

Co-Founder & COO

A founding member of EVANCED, Katie is responsible for delivering client results as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.

Zoran S.

Charles H.

Head of Business Operations

Charles Howell retired from a career in Information Management in 2017. Since no one really retires, Charles joined Evanced to share a passion for great user experience in both business operations as well as online experience. Charles has B.S. degree in Business Administration and considers himself to be a multipotentialite. Enneagram Type 1 “The Improver”, Myers-Briggs INTJ “The MasterMind”. Strengths include Relator, Maximizer, Futuristic and oh so ever Responsible.

Ernest Waith

Ernest Waith

Brand Manager

As a Brand Manager for EVANCED, Ernest combines his creative talents in writing and branding with his skills in social media and graphic design. Ernest’s vast experience with various businesses, situations, and personalities allows him to connect companies in need of EVANCED’s outstanding consulting and marketing skills.

Zoran S.

Zoran S.

Graphic Designer

Zoran specializes in branding, marketing, and promotions—designing a wide range of advertising and marketing collateral for EVANCED. He loves taking a concept or vision, translating it into reality, and exceeding clients’ expectations in the process.

Zoran S.

Tara B.

Content Creator

As an enneagram 7, Tara loves life and sees everything through both a cognitive and creative lens. As a writer, she loves to use her talent to curate and capture the essence of companies, people, places, and the world. Tara has a marketing degree from Miami University with a wide range of experience from social media marketing to writing her own fantasy novel. Her strengths include WOO (winning others over), Ideation, Optimist, Includer, and Achiever. As an ENFP she is enthusiastic about many things, but loves to focus her energy on getting things done with excellence and to always add value with her work and life.

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