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Google AdWords: Using AdWords to drive customers to your website

In this episode of Don’t Do That!  Do This Instead! We are going to talk about the way some businesses throw money away by not using Google AdWords correctly! Google AdWords is a great tool if used properly, and has lots of useful features. For one, it provides a way for you to target new customers based on their geographic location!  In other words, if you run a dental practice in Atlanta Georgia you may just want to advertise to people searching for dentist within a 30 mile radius of your business. You can also us AdWords to help you identify keywords that potential customers use when trying to locate the business like yours. On the flip-side, if AdWords is not used correctly you might as well burn your money.

DON’T DO THIS! Common AdWords mistakes

Take the top example in the diagram above. can sign up for an AdWords account, create their adds, and start generating traffic to their company website. But the potential customer must find their way to the products or services section, and then continue with the purchase, or contact form.

Unfortunately this happens more often than not, many companies spend their money, generate website hits, but there’s little return on their investment!

DO THIS INSTEAD! Created targeted ads that link to specific products or services on your webpage

Let’s take a look at a better way. Within AdWords you need to create Ad Groups that target a specific product or service your company offers. These Ads within the Ad Groups will link to specific product or services pages on your website. Finally, each product or service page you have on your website must have a clear call to action that challenges the visitor to take the next step, whether that is to buy a product or contact you regarding a service you provide.

Specifically, if you are a healthcare practice in Atlanta Georgia, and within that practice you offer hormone replacement and weight loss, you need to create different landing pages for each of these services on your website – with a clear call to action! You also need to create Google Ad Groups that correspond to the services, where each ad is linked to the specific landing page on your website.

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