How to get more leads as a financial advisor.

Too Many Unqualified Intro Calls?

Are you a financial advisor who wants more high net worth clients, but spends a lot of time and energy doing intro calls only to find out that the new prospect is trying to get out of debt, or maybe they’re just trying to start a retirement account and don’t have a lot of money to invest.

When you have enough of those types of intro calls, you kind of start to spin your wheels a little bit and get marred down.  You’re spending a lot of time and resources and you’re not going to get the return on your investment you hoped for.

We see this a lot from our financial advisor clients. They get leads from somewhere like Dave Ramsey, which means you’re essentially leveraging somebody else’s brand  to generate these leads for you.  

So here’s what happens, when you use somebody else’s  brand to generate those leads, you’re gonna get a lot of the types of people who follow those brands scheduling intro calls.

So who follows Dave Ramsey?  A lot of people who are trying to get out of debt,  they’re going through the baby steps, right?  Trying to start saving for retirement.  So it’s only natural that a lot of the leads you get are not gonna be from those high net worth individuals.  

How Do High Net Worth Individuals Find A Financial Advisor?

Think about it this way.  Both Porsche and Toyota use the same website platforms, same advertising channels like TV commercials and digital ads, but they each attract a different type of customer. 

Toyota is appealing to someone who wants great value and a car that will run virtually forever. 

Porsche on the other hand is elite.  It attracts people who want high performance and to be a part of an elite group of super car owners.

At the end of the day, somebody with 10 bucks versus somebody with 10 million bucks, they find a financial advisor the same way.  They are going to pick up their phone, iPad, or computer,  go search Google and start browsing around, looking at websites to find the financial advisor that they connect with most.  

Financial Advisor Digital Marketing: Brand Messaging Bootcamp

At EVANCED.NET,  we want you to build your brand in a way that resonates with those high net worth individuals.  We have a Certified StoryBrand Guide on our team.  We follow the StoryBrand framework from Donald Miller.  We want to sit down with your team in a Branding and Messaging Bootcamp, which includes three 90-minute branding and messaging sessions. At the end of these sessions,  you will have several wireframes to use on your website.  When you apply these wireframes to your website build, you’re going to attract more high net worth clients to your business. Its that simple.

To get started, just go to EVANCED.NET and click schedule your intro call. We look forward to speaking with you.

About the Author: Grant Carmichael

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