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In response to the rising threat of phishing attacks to businesses, leading to financial losses, data breaches, and damaged reputations, Evanced Marketing has launched a comprehensive Security Awareness Training course focused on Phishing Attacks. This invaluable course empowers participants with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and prevent phishing attacks, protecting their business and its valuable assets​.

The training is tailored to equip businesses with a proactive defense against phishing threats, ensuring the safety of their finances, data, and reputation. By investing in this course, businesses gain peace of mind, knowing that they are better equipped to handle the evolving landscape of cybercrime and safeguard what matters most.

The phishing course includes five modules that cover a broad spectrum of topics

  1. Introduction to Phishing: Learn the basics of phishing attacks, their common types, and the motivations behind them​1​.
  2. Anatomy of a Phishing Attack: Understand the steps involved in a typical phishing attack and the techniques used by attackers to deceive victims​1​.
  3. Recognizing Phishing Indicators: Get trained on identifying suspicious email elements, spotting fake URLs, analyzing email attachments and links for potential risks, and identifying common social engineering tactics used in phishing attempts​1​.
  4. Protecting Against Phishing Attacks: Learn how to implement strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, secure browsing practices, develop safe email habits, and recognize and report phishing attempts​1​.
  5. Case Studies and Real-World Examples: Study real-world examples of phishing attacks, including the Sony hack, a $100 million phishing attack on Google and Facebook, and the Colonial Pipeline hack​1​.

In addition, the course offers a final exam to test the skills learned and reinforce knowledge retention​.  After successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion.

Training employees to recognize and respond to phishing threats is not only crucial for protecting your business but is also increasingly important for maintaining cyber security insurance. Many insurers now require evidence of employee training as a condition for coverage. This course can provide the necessary documentation and assurance that your business is taking proactive steps to mitigate cyber threats.

The course is available for a one-time purchase of $19.95 or in a convenient payment plan of two payments of $12.50 per month​1​. Businesses interested in improving their phishing defense mechanisms and maintaining their cyber security insurance are encouraged to sign up for this comprehensive training.

For more information about the Security Awareness Training: Phishing Attacks course or to sign up, visit the Evanced Marketing website.

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Evanced Marketing is a digital marketing firm dedicated to providing businesses with the tools and training they need to navigate the digital landscape safely and effectively. With a focus on security and strategic growth, Evanced Marketing helps businesses turn digital challenges into opportunities.

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