Case Study – How We Helped A Deck Building Company Boost Their SEO Profile!

At Evanced Information Systems, LLC, we’ve been helping our customers grow their online businesses for over a decade with SEO – both in Metro Atlanta and around the world.

We help your business by building a great website, boosting your presence on search engines using SEO, and bringing in more leads with high-quality content. What kind of results can you expect if you work with us?

Great question – let’s explore the answer by looking at a case study from one of our recent clients. This company focuses primarily on deck building services in New Jersey. By focusing on a website rebuild and creating high-quality content, we were able to dramatically boost their SEO profile – and bring in more customers. Get all the details below!

The Project – Rebuild And Redesign An Aging Website With Low-Quality Content

We were hired for a website development project and SEO optimization by our client, a well-known deck building company in Atlanta. They were finding that they were being outpaced by the competition, and pushed down in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our goal was to redesign the website to provide it with a modern look, faster loading times and more helpful, informative information. We also redeveloped all of the content on the website, with a focus on competing for high-quality, valuable long-tail keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

The Results – Our Client Saw A Dramatic Increase In Their SEO Profile

Once our initial redesign was completed, it was time to look at the data and crunch the numbers – and see how much we managed to boost our client’s SEO profile.

The results were striking.

visibility image
  • Our customer’s website had begun to outperform all competitors for all of our targeted keywords within just a few weeks of the website redesign
  • We noticed a continuous upward trend in the SEO rankings for all of our client’s targeted keywords
  • We were the leading competitors in keywords ranked in the top 3, top 10, and top 20 SERP positions
  • For most top 10 SERP placements, our client jumped more than 100 positions, compared to their placement before the website rebuild!

By simply redesigning our client’s website with an eye on SEO optimization, we were able to completely blow the competition out of the water.

In the time period we monitored for data analysis, our client’s four top competitors experienced SEO visibility shifts of between -0.13% at the lowest, and +0.77% at the highest. Our client’s visibility jumped by nearly 10x the rate of its closest competitor, with a +7.54% increase in overall visibility.

The Lesson – A Well-Designed Website With Great Copy Is The First Step To Success!

So, what can we learn from this case study? Our takeaway is that a modern, high-quality website filled with great, SEO-optimized copy is the first step toward building a more successful business.

Having a professionally-built, SEO-optimized website with great copy will pay off in the long run! By investing in your website first and foremost – and then building toward new online advertising campaigns, social media marketing, and other such efforts, you can maximize the value and the potential of your website.

Learn More – Contact Evanced Information Systems, LLC!

Wondering if your company can experience the same boost in SEO that this client did? The answer is “yes!” By redesigning your website and focusing on search engine optimization, Evanced Information Systems can help you boost your SEO profile, build buzz, and bring in more revenue. To learn more, just contact us now.

About the Author: Grant Carmichael

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