Getting started with SEO

You have to start somewhere…

Do you have a website that simply doesn’t perform for your business – specifically bring in new customers? There are lots of low performing websites out there. Which is good for us – yes, both of us, you, me… you get the idea. Its great for us, because these folks need help with SEO, and we’re here to help them. It’s good for you, because a select few of these businesses may be your competitors! So there is hope! Its just time to roll up your sleeves and do work!

SEO Lifecycle 2.0

So how does one find themselves pushing ahead of their competition?  Lets take a look at the EVANCED.NET SEO Lifecycle 2.0 (fancy graphic to come at a later date).


First things first!  Start gathering website data and statistics asap!  You want to gather as much data as you can – it will come in handy.


Start to think about your target keywords.  What questions would a potential customer ask if they were looking for your service?  i.e. Atlanta Deck Builder


Its time to evaluate the competition for the keywords.  Not just seeing who comes up in search engines, but gaining an understanding of why they rank.

Content Analysis

Now its time to make adjustments to your website.  Ensure that your content includes the right keywords, length, and other on-page SEO.

Site Submission

Once the site adjustments and additions have been made, site maps need to be updated and submitted to the search engines for indexing.


Setup your rank tracking tools, so that you can monitor the sites progress.  These tools should tell you where you rank, and if you’re moving up or down.


Dive head first into your web analytics and find out what content is working and what isn’t.  Identify key additional opportunities for new content.

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