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Kanban Trello Playbook

Overview & Key Terms Kanban Kanban is a popular framework used in development workflows. It requires real-time communication of capacity and full transparency of work. Work items are represented visually on a kanban board, allowing team members to see the state of every piece of work at any time. Visual Signals Kanban uses visual cards, labels, etc. to help teammates and stakeholders quickly understand what the team is working on. Work-in-Progress (WIP) Limits WIP limits are the maximum number of cards that can be in one [...]

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How to create a free website

Building a website for your business is tough when you don't know where to start.  Use this guide to create your website for free (minus any domain name registration and hosting fees).  In this guide, you'll find the steps you need including: Registering a domain name for your business Finding a place to host your website Connecting your domain to the website host Download the guide

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Search Engine Optimization & Website Build Case Study | Evanced

Case Study – How We Helped A Deck Building Company Boost Their SEO Profile! At Evanced Information Systems, LLC, we’ve been helping our customers grow their online businesses for over a decade with SEO – both in Metro Atlanta and around the world. We help your business by building a great website, boosting your presence on search engines using SEO, and bringing in more leads with high-quality content. What kind of results can you expect if you work with us? Great question – let's explore the answer by [...]

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How To Use ‘Google My Business’ To Grow Your Company

How To Use 'Google My Business' To Grow Your Company Now more than ever, people are relying more on Google to find answers to their questions. Google has become a big part of how we discover products and services in our local area. Some of you may be unaware of a tool created by Google, called, ‘Google My Business.’ (GMB) is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google. If you are in business for yourself and trying to get people to [...]

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The Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2018

When it comes to managing your Facebook account, it is very important to note that it takes careful planning and consideration. Regarding the content you are posting, not only do you have to make it more appealing than your competitors, but there also needs to be a great amount of knowledge about the audience you are targeting, what they would like to see on your page and what time of day would they like to see it posted. Learning the best times to post on Facebook is more than [...]

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Customer Profile: Metro Building Products

Metro Atlanta Cedar Timber Specialists Metro Building Products in Atlanta Georgia specializes in quality cedar timbers, specialty lumber, and decking supplies. Our client had an outdated website and needed an SEO makeover!  We completely rebuilt their website on the Wordpress platform with a responsive them, so that it responds well to mobile devices.  Their new site is optimized for search engines, which helps new customers find them when looking for Atlanta Cedar Lumber and Timbers

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Attract More Customers with AdWords

Google AdWords: Using AdWords to drive customers to your website In this episode of Don't Do That!  Do This Instead! We are going to talk about the way some businesses throw money away by not using Google AdWords correctly! Google AdWords is a great tool if used properly, and has lots of useful features. For one, it provides a way for you to target new customers based on their geographic location!  In other words, if you run a dental practice in Atlanta Georgia you may [...]

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Configuring Palo Alto Firewalls in AWS

Howdy, this page is old. If you're digging for info on building Palo Alto Firewalls in AWS, the steps below may be outdated. This tutorial describes how to configure Palo Alto firewalls to protect an Internet facing web farm in Amazon Web Services (AWS).  It includes 3 steps: Building the AWS VPC Network Building the Palo Alto Network in AWS Creating the EC2 Linux Servers Download the PDF Tutorial NOTE: Charges may apply when using AWS services.  Before proceeding, be sure to read and understand Amazon’s user agreement and the [...]

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SEO Lifecycle 2.0

You have to start somewhere... Do you have a website that simply doesn't perform for your business - specifically bring in new customers?  There are lots of low performing websites out there.  Which is good for us - yes, both of us, you, me... you get the idea.  Its great for us, because these folks need help, and we're here to help them.  It's good for you, because a select few of these businesses may be your competitors!  So there is hope!  Its just time to roll up your sleeves [...]

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